E Mortgage Management & Kevin Crichton Report on Housing Affordability -- a Critical Issue for All Homebuyers

In the market to purchase a residential property? We recently spoke with Kevin A. Crichton, President and COO of E Mortgage Management LLC (emmloans.com) a privately held, direct-endorsed nationwide lender, who offered a briefing on home affordability in today's purchase environment.

​​Kevin Crichton of E Mortgage Management discussed housing affordability and low-down payment program options. Crichton, said: “Housing affordability is a critical factor for all residential homebuyers, especially in today’s economic environment. If you are in the market, do your homework. Take the time to educate yourself in home affordability and especially in low down payment program options that might be available in your local demographic”.

Crichton continued: “At the very least, I suggest a crash course on the essential elements of home-buying using easy research tools readily available online from RealtyTrac® the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, and DownPaymentResource.com.  These sites offer a plethora of information, addressing key factors buyers need to consider when in the market for a home such as: affordability, median income, median home price and homeownership program options”. 

Low down payment programs are plentiful- however, awareness about these programs is typically not. Buying a home is thrilling, exciting, scary and awe-inspiring. It is for most, the single largest transaction one makes in a lifetime. Having the right people who provide an educational experience throughout the home-buying process makes for a less stressful, easier and more convenient process during the buyer’s journey.

Crichton said. "We strongly believe in the importance of educating the consumer while helping them successfully navigate the home-buying process.

Kevin A. Crichton, President and COO

Spring is typically a busy time for real estate transactions. According to Realtor.org 45% of properties were on the market for less than a month in May of 2015. However, let’s not discount the summer season, where homebuyers can benefit from less competition in finding their dream home. So what exactly does this mean? Now is a great time to buy!

 “That’s where we can help”, Crichton said. “We strongly believe in the importance of educating the consumer while helping them successfully navigate the home-buying process. We suggest every buyer do research prior to any transaction and we point them to the resources we believe can provide the necessary learning tools about housing affordability and low down payment program opportunities available in the counties they are looking to purchase in”.  Crichton stressed, “The data we found during our research demonstrates that low down payment borrowers can find affordable housing and good accessibility to down payment help in a wide variety of markets nationwide. However, keep in mind that within many major metro areas, the most affordable and accessible markets for low down payment buyers are often those furthest from jobs and other amenities that many buyers seek”.

“Each client we serve presents a new opportunity to build on our reputation in providing a high level of quality in customer service paired with years of expertise in mortgage lending- emmloans.com remains focused on helping borrowers first”, Crichton emphasized. “We provide the right information, educational resources, tools and home loan options that best suit their unique needs”.

E Mortgage Management, LLC ( emmloans.com) believes in the “customer for life” philosophy and works diligently to provide honest, dedicated and personable service to all people in need of residential home loan services. Take a minute to review client testimonials on their website.

Resources for the article include: Realtor.com, downpaymentresource.com and realtytrac.com.

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